Pearl of Wisdom?

Before you is the answer to a long-running scientific controversy, spawned by a search for truth. The Anxiomusa has many wonderful things to offer us—among them a pearl of wisdom never (until now!) brought to light.

Do you mean an actual pearl?
That depends on what you mean by actual. An ordinary pearl is formed when a bivalve deposits nacre around an impurity. An Anxiomusa pearl is created without impurities inside the wet, squeezing friction of a tightly undulating nematode ball [bolus]. This hidden truth is revealed only to those with patience (and after thoughtful study). Until now, it has been destroyed by ham-handed attempts to dismantle the bolus by force. Alexander the Great made such a mistake when presented with the complicated Gordian knot. Legend promised mastery of the world to whomsoever could untie it, but Alexander simply cut it with his sword.

Cut it with his sword?
Let me explain. An Anxiomusa “knot”, first described by Dr. Robert Casper in 1978, resembles the legendary Gordian knot in its complexity and impenetrability. And with the tacit approval of the scientific community, Dr. Casper, esteemed nematologist, repeated Alexander’s mistake on hundreds, perhaps thousands of occasions, in his rush to be the first to reveal the rumored contents of the Anxiomusa bolus.

Haste leaves him empty-handed!
Casper’s crew lacked the concentration and dedication required to decipher this knot, and after decades of cutting and tearing (destroying each pearl along with its creator) he has been left empty-handed. Like Alexander the Great, Casper repeatedly succeeded in removing the knot, but never held the pearl.

Fig 1: Conceptual view of giant Anxiomusa knot, showing ‘nose’ and ‘throat’ handles

So what is the secret?
The secret to releasing the pearl is patience. Refused by peer reviewed journals, this secret will now be handed directly to the public.

Step 1:
A helpful model for understanding the bolus is to imagine a head with a nose, tongue, and throat. Roll the bolus from hand to hand, touching all parts of the knot. While very tightly wound, the bolus will move constantly with your touch.

Fig. 2: Showing insertion of index finger to find ‘throat handle’

Upon careful inspection, you’ll find the ‘nose handle’ near the ‘tongue.’ Insert one index finger through the ‘nose handle’.

Step 2:
Insert the other index finger immediately above and along the ‘tongue’ to find the internal ‘throat handle’.

Step 3:
Pull in opposite directions, firmly and smoothly.

Fig 3: Pulling bolus to reveal pearl

The pearl is yours! Your conscience is intact. Remember, the wise are thoughtful, careful, patient.

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